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Kingston Coffee House / Grosche Amsterdam Pour Over

Grosche Amsterdam Pour Over



Pour over coffee maker to brew the best cup of coffee at home

The AMSTERDAM is the newest and possibly the best pour over coffee maker for personal home use. With a removable glass top, a double layer filter, and a handsome carafe, its design is unique and easy to use for brewing the perfect cup.

The AMSTERDAM makes 850 ml or 28.7 fl. ounces of coffee. You can, of course, make less in it if you like. This carafe is made of heatproof glass and is safe for use with boiling water. For pour over coffee, we recommend using water at 190F as boiling water can scorch coffee, giving you a bitterness that will mask the natural flavours of the coffee bean.


Double Layer stainless steel coffee filter

The AMSTERDAM has a double layer coffee filter that is made from 18-8 stainless steel. It filters your coffee perfectly, and all without a paper filter! This way you do not lose any of the essential oils and no papery taste will transfer to your coffee. Firstly, the two layers are both made of stainless steel, without any plastic components. So you know your coffee will taste pure without any plastic to taint or leech into it. Secondly, the mesh is just the right size to allow much of the coffee oils to seep into your cup while filtering all the grinds perfectly.


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